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Driving Lessons As They Should Be

Learn To Drive With Us

At Vic's Driving School we adhere to the following principals in our driving tuition;

  • patience
  • reliability
  • understanding
  • knowledge
  • punctuality
  • honesty

Patience - to ensure that you get the most from your driving tuition, at the right pace for you and with understanding from your instructor that people are all different and learn in different ways and pick some things up quicker than others.

Reliabilty - so that you can be sure that your lessons will progress as we have agreed and also reliability in the vehicle and the instructor to provide continuous high standards of driving tuition.

Understanding - that you may have the odd off day, or traffic may be particularly heavy, or you may get something one week and forget it the next. Understanding you and your needs is a high priority for us.

Knowledge - possessed by your instructor is crucial. I originally trained with the AA so rest assured have successfully completed all necessary exams to gain my "green" licence which means I am fully qualified to teach you to drive. I am assessed by the DSA, therefore have the highest standards within the industry.

Punctuality - it goes without saying that punctuality is key to ensure that you get the full time of the lessons that you are paying for and that we start and finish promptly. Of course punctuality goes both ways and we hope that you too will adhere to this principal.

Honesty - to tell you what is going well and what not so well, what you need to work harder on and what may just need a little polish and importantly, the honesty to say when you are ready for your test.

Pass your driving test pronto with Vic's Driving School....and save money!

My fees are well below those of other driving schools and many other independent driving instructors

Book online by e-mail : or by calling on: 07956-491808